At the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine, we place the well-being of our patients above all else.

Understanding payment and insurance options at the Integrative Medical Group of IrvineHaving been in-network providers for insurance companies for many years, we understand the pressures placed upon providers who operate according to the requirements and restrictions of commercial insurers.

We are also fully aware of the numerous conflicts of interest which ensue: one medical problem per visit to maximize reimbursement, reduced visit times to compensate for lower payments, the denial of needed services to manage costs, and the revoking of policy coverage when seriously ill patients need it most.

We have, therefore, elected to become “out-of-network” providers for all commercial insurers, though in recognition of the great debt we owe to those who have served our nation, we continue our provider status with the U.S. military TriWest and TriCare programs.

We are also providers for Standard Medicare as a special assistance to the elderly, and to those of our patients who have grown with us over the years. To assist our patients in receiving the maximum reimbursement possible, we will continue to process and file insurance claims on their behalf, at no additional cost.

Our charges are both transparent and very reasonable. We provide lengthy visits – none less than 30 minutes in duration – and can often accomplish more in one visit than “in-network” providers do in several. Additionally, we do not charge a separate “co-pay” fee.

Payment is expected at the time of service. We regret that we have neither the staff nor the systems in place to bill patients over time. We do, however, utilize a very affordable financing plan for our patients who prefer a payment option.

IMGI is a CAM PPO provider.