Integrative Internal Medicine

Internal medicine deals with almost all areas of the body, taking a medical rather than a surgical approach to healing.

At IMGI, we practice this specialty from an integrative perspective, a view that allows us to consider all possible causations.

This is fundamentally different from the protocol-based, rapid-fire medical visits of conventional medicine.

Instead, we provide extended, investigative visits that allow you to ask questions and address concerns. We highly value the “healing relationship,” so key in the doctor-patient interaction.

Geriatric Medicine

Medicine for those over 65 years of age is not the same as that for younger people. Unfortunately, many physicians are not well trained to treat senior patients. Over-prescribing, over-dosing, and inappropriate choice of medications leads to many unnecessary complications.

Our internist, Dr. Nancy Councelbaum, is certified in geriatric medicine and is keenly aware of the special needs of this segment of society. She spends the extra time this population requires and deserves during their visits.

Integrative Internal Medicine

The areas treated by Integrative Internal Medicine include: the lungs, heart, intestinal tract, kidneys, nervous system, skin, ears, nose, throat, and musculo-skeletal system.

Unlike most medical practices, however, when it comes to acute care medicine and preventive medicine, we don’t focus on just one or the other. Rather, we provide both.

Preventive Medicine

Preventing a medical problem is preferable to healing one that has been allowed to develop through inattention. This involves early recognition of problems through the use of state-of-the-art lab testing and imaging studies.

It also involves educating patients on lifestyle choices, assisting each patient to understand environmental effects on health, nutritional choices and their consequences, the importance of stress management, obtaining enough quality sleep, dealing with stress, having close friends and relationships, and getting enough physical activity of the right sort.

At IMGI, we place great emphasis on lifestyle medicine and have several organized programs available through The Center for Active Lifestyle Medicine.

We focus on helping each patient maintain or regain optimal health and happiness. We perform a very thorough evaluation of his or her unique situation, and then offer an array of therapeutic options.

And we offer the type of doctor/patient relationship that was cherished many years ago, when the family doctor really knew the patients and truly cared about them.