Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Many people suffer through severe bouts of anxiety, depression, or relationship issues during their lives. Even when these emotional issues are not paralyzing, they can be very distressing. Everyone experiences “hard times” on and off during their lives. Who hasn’t suffered a great loss, felt fear, ate for emotional reasons, worried incessantly over something beyond their control, endured a major disappointment, felt distanced from loved ones, or simply felt sad and blue?

Most people can benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It is a fairly brief, rapid, and highly effective counseling program designed to change a person’s perceptions of events, without necessarily changing the physical reality of the situation. Basically, one comes to view the glass as half full rather than as half empty.

CBT is also very effective as an adjunctive treatment for weight loss. In fact, it is often more effective by itself, than is any single “diet” plan. This is because one’s relationship to food must change, and change permanently, for weight loss to be successful long term.

At IMGI, we offer group and individual sessions for counseling and CBT. Group sessions are coordinated with our Center for Active Lifestyle Medicine to assist patients in permanently changing their damaging health habits into sustainably healthy ones.