Treatment for PCOS

For those suffering with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, our practice offers a unique blend of compassionate medical experts and integrative lifestyle practitioners, all actively seeking to speed you along the way to recovery and resolution.

Our Method

Led by Dr. Felice L. Gersh, a widely respected thought leader and national speaker on the topic of PCOS, our team takes a comprehensive approach to this complex problem.

We utilize herbal formulations that are proven to remedy both symptoms and their underlying causes, while employing nutritional and fitness programs that improve overall health.

In addition, we offer a variety of other integrative treatments that can be matched to other aspects of your condition, including Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, essential oils, guided imagery, aesthetics, and therapeutic massage.

Pharmaceuticals may be a part of your treatment plan, but they are never the sole focus or the first choice.

Special Concerns

Of special concern is the issue of cystic acne, a common symptom that exacts a devastating emotional toll. We incorporate all appropriate strategies to improve skin health, including supplementation and externally applied therapies.

Of equal importance is obesity, which occurs in 70 percent or more of PCOS patients. If you are among this group, we will help you permanently lose this inflammatory adipose tissue through a combination of integrative therapies and different dietary options.

You Deserve a Realistic Approach

This approach is in stark contrast to the rather simplistic notion of a pharmaceutical solution to the complicated condition of PCOS. In fact, oral contraceptives may aggravate the underlying PCOS issues of insulin resistance and systemic inflammation rather than resolve them.

We are keenly aware of the latest scientific studies concerning the impact of environmental toxins, such as Biphenyl A, on the development of PCOS. Recent discoveries involving hormonal receptor dysfunction are also transforming the therapeutic frontiers of PCOS.

These new therapies may hold the key to the ultimate resolution of the symptoms of PCOS, and possibly even provide a cure.

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